Meeting Of Stakeholders And The General Public To Discuss Draft Electricity Sector Regulations.


Target Persons in Attendance: All members of the general public at the locations near you and electricity sector stakeholders

Starting time: 5:30pm (5pm in St. George’s)

Duration: 2hrs to 2 hrs 30mins

Tentative Schedule:
i. Prayer
ii. Welcome
iii. Opening Remarks – CEO PURC (5 mins).
iv. Remarks – Chairman PURC (5 mins).
v. Remarks – Minister of Public Utilities or Designate Ministry Representative (10mins).
vi. Presentations (15 to 20 mins per Draft Regulation) – Overview and highlighting pertinent comments received.
vii. Open forum questions (30 to 45 mins).
viii. Group Sessions (30mins) – Divide Audience into random groups to focus on issues raised in the Open forum ix. Closing Remarks (5 mins).


  • Pre-Consultation – The PURC will use pre-consultation where it is necessary and expedient to do so.
  • Initial Consultation – Involves the release of our consultative documents (also accessible via sent directly to stakeholders together with the formal invitation to stakeholders and the general public to provide written submission in response to our documents.
  • Comment and Reply – The preferred method for collecting responses/comments is through written submission by the deadlines indicated. Oral comments and feedback received though the public forums will be reduced to writing and considered along with other comments from the initial consultation phase after completion of the public forum consultations. The comments received will be summarised and published on our website or can be made available upon request.
  • Final Decision – All written responses and comments received in response to our invitation to consult will be analysed and where appropriate integrated in the decision making process.

The PURC will justify its decision on the issues identified in the consultative document and will publish same. However, we are not obligated to respond to or to accept any particular response or comment.

  • After the adoption of the final decision, the PURC will forward the final documents to the Minister of Public Utilities who will consider the recommendations of the Commission on the proposed regulations, then enact such regulation by having them Gazetted.

Other Notes:

  • The PURC will explain the objectives of the consultation process, and provide feedback on how the responses and comments garnered through our engagement activities have been utilized at every public forum session and on our website.
  • PURC may (but is not obliged to in any way) at its own initiative, or at the request of an interested party and if the PURC so agrees, establish a working group to meet, and examine the comments and make recommendations to the PURC. Such working group must have the PURC as a part of it and shall present progress reports to the PURC and the members of the Working group, and may make recommendations to the PURC on comments received or on a way forward. (This can be a precursor to the Final Decision).
  • In general, PURC will only undertake one round of Public Consultation on its draft documents but may decide, however, (but shall not be obliged) to conduct another Public Consultation inviting additional comments. This might occur for the PURC to invite and obtain the opinions of other interested parties in relation to the comments received from specific interested parties or for such reasons as determined by PURC. (Also can be a precursor to the Final Decision).

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