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The Public Utilities Regulatory Commission (PURC) is the Independent Utility Regulator for the Electricity Sector in Grenada. Specific to renewable energy (RE), Section 4(h) of the Electricity Act No. 19 of 2016 states that the PURC is responsible for determining procedures for the procurement of new RE generation capacity, making recommendations to the government for the granting of licenses and permits for self-generators, and setting of rates for the supply of electricity by any renewable energy self-generator.

The PURC as guided by the Electricity Act is seeking to have all self-generators in compliance with the law, by October 30th 2020.

Pursuant to Section 25 (8) and Section 46 (5) of the Electricity Act, 2016:

1. All renewable energy self-generators who are already interconnected to the (GRENLEC) grid and supply excess electricity must, without delay, apply to the PURC to obtain a selfgenerator permit.

2. All self-generators who are not interconnected to the grid must register their selfgenerating facility with the PURC, as a database of self-generators is being compiled to add to the current statistics on electricity generation capacity for the country.

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Licensing Procedures

An application for a licence under the Public Utilities Regulatory Commission Act shall be made to the Commission, in the prescribed manner and shall be accompanied by the supporting documents and fee, as the Minister may prescribe.

Upon receipt of an application under sub-section (1)

  1. The Commission shall transmit a copy of the application to the Minister within three business days of receiving an application.

  2. The Commission shall cause a notice of such application to be published in the Gazette.

  3. The applicant shall at its own expense, publish or cause to be published the prescribed notice of such application in at least two newspapers in general circulation in Grenada, which shall contain the prescribed particulars and information to inform the public in general, and to provide interested persons the opportunity to make written representations to the Commission on the proposed application.

  4. Any person may, after publication of the notice send his or her written representations to the Commission.

  5. Within fourteen days, after the expiry of the period under paragraph (4), the Commission shall consider the representations made if any, and not withdrawn and forward a report on them, together with its own comments on the representations and its recommendation on the application for a grant of licence to the Minister.

  6. Within thirty days of receiving the documents provided under paragraph (5) the Minister taking such views into consideration and bearing in mind the considerations specified in section 64, shall make a determination whether to grant or refuse the licence and shall promptly notify the applicant and the Commission of his or her decision in writing.

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