Sophia Phillip


Sophia S. Phillip is a Consumer and Public Affairs Officer who believes in providing premier customer service to all. She began her professional journey as a Journalist and after several awards and years of experience; she decided to provide service in the field of Public Relations and Consumer Affairs in October 2020 at the PURC. A fluent Mandarin (Chinese) speaker, Ms. Phillip holds a BA in Communications from the Communications University of China. She believes that everyone has a voice which must be used to create a better world for all.

Every one of his works is covered with a mantle of sacredness, through which he demonstrates the importance of architecture as a means of expression of human memory. In 1998, he founded his own firm, Terris and Jaye, which grew into one of the nation’s largest political consulting firms. In 2006, he founded Storefront Political Media to provide political clients the full range of media and message services..


1979 – 1983

Master of Political Science

Columbia University, CL

1984 – 1987

UG Degree of Politics

University of Chicago School

1992 – 2004

Diplamo of Business Management

University of Business. NY

2004 – 2008

Higher School Education

School of Losangle

Professional Skills

Crisis Management
Public Speaking
Problem Solving
Strategy Planning

Contact Me

Queen’s Park, St. George P.O Box 2443, Grenada
Opening Hours:

Mon – Fri: 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM

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